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Festivals & Events in the Algarve

What’s your favourite Christmas song? There are so many great tracks to choose from, but we’ve narrowed down our list of much-loved melodies to a Top 10. See if one of your cherished tunes is in our Christmas hit parade…
’Tis the season to be jolly... and there’s a jolly lot of goings on this month in the Algarve. Christmas fairs and markets are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Christmas: there’s more happening in the Algarve this month, a lot more - so take a peek and see what there is to do...
Christmas markets are popular for Christmas shoppers searching for unusual and unique Christmas gifts and decorations, and the Algarve is no different.  Meet some of the people behind the creative crafts available at some of this year’s Christmas fairs, bazaars and markets.
Christmas shopping is a unique and festive experience at Algarve Christmas fairs and markets. Spare a thought for the ladies (and a few gents) who work their socks off for months, creating unusual gifts and tasty wares to sell at a Christmas fair, market or bazaar. Think of the effort, investment and talent needed to make some of the excellent crafts that they display. 
Get a head start on your Christmas shopping! During the coming weeks there are Christmas fairs and markets across the Algarve, featuring the interesting, the unusual, the unique and of course the edible! Find out about the Algarve’s Christmas fairs…
The clocks have gone back and we got an extra hour in bed, this is the time we start lighting our cosy log fires and snuggle down for winter. But hang on a minute! The sun is still shining, the temperatures are still in the high 20’s and the Algarve is booming with activities and entertainment!
The biggest golfing event of the year in Portugal is almost upon us – The Portugal Masters – and our intrepid golfing ladies are in the thick of it all. With good rentals and a mini cruise behind them, they are set for a winter of golf. But first The Masters!
We all know at least one person who has cancer; that horrible, insidious disease that the medical world has been fighting for years now. I know some of my friends have beaten it, some have lost their battle and others are fighting it as I write. So here’s something positive that we can all do to aid and abet those brave people.
The Victoria Course, Vilamoura, hosts this year’s Portugal Masters between 9 and 12 October. With a fantastic line up of golfing professionals, superb prizes and a stunning course, it promises to be the Algarve’s golf event of the year.
The average weather in the Algarve for October is a warm and comfortable 19° and right now the sun is shining. But where does the time go? Well, when you see how much is going on in the Algarve this month (and every month) you suddenly realise that time might fly, but you can pack in an awful lot of activities while it does so.