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Living in the Algarve

Pools don’t have to be oblong, square or even round. We’ve pulled out half a dozen with their own individual shape and style.
You’re never too old to try new things and yes, you can teach an old dog new tricks! See how this elderly gentleman in the Algarve found a new adventure at 96 years old.
Entrepreneurs, take a look at this fantastic opportunity to invest in a country estate in the Algarve. It has so many great features and bags of potential.
Phone your friends, choose your chouriço, select your sardines, get your coals glowing, uncork a bottle and get grilling - the perfect recipe for a fantastic evening in the Algarve.
Venture a little off the main tourist track and you’ll find there’s a lot more to the Algarve than you first thought.
The Algarve is an Aladdin’s cave of architectural styles. There are some excellent examples of historic and modern day designs sitting side-by-side across the region. 
True Nomadism is rarely practiced in modern Europe, but there are still nomadic groups across the world, which hold fast to their culture and traditions. Examples of this can be seen here in the Algarve...
You don’t need stacks of cash to enjoy life in the Algarve. In fact, the richest person on the planet couldn’t buy the fantastic weather and the region’s natural beauty. So, leave your wallet behind and have a great time...
Investing in property in an established holiday and retirement destinationis likely to ensure a good return in the longer term. So, put your money to work in the Algarve while prices are still low...
My golfing girlfriends and I had purchased two apartments on our last visit to the Algarve. Who says dreams don’t come true?