No Pun intended here... since when do french people know how to eat grilled sardines? I have yet to find one myself. Since when do British people ever know how to eat grilled fish anyway? I have not found one as yet. There are lots of good places and literature where one can learn the propper way to enjoy a grilled sardine or other grilled fish. Whether one uses knife and fork or fingers it does not really matter. What matters is to eat it and enjoy it and not waste it as I have seen it take place too many times in my life. Believe it or not I have seen people eating sardines with a spoon and wasting more than 60% of the fish. Don't be affraid of the bones. A properly grilled fresh sardine is very easy to eat as the meat just peels away from the bones leaving only the back bone and head. Don't be affraid neither of the belly contents. Sardines eat plankton and minute shrimps. They do not leave off nasty nutrients. Grilled Sardines are only eatable between mid May and end of August. That is when they are fattest and taste better. they consequently grill bettrer. outside that period eat at your own risk and taste. A good grilled Sardine shows a bubbled up fatty skin which just peels away on touch. If it sticks to the fish is not fresh. One out of 10 might be not so fresh, but that is natural. Some get damaged on transport. Have fun everybody.