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Living in the Algarve

Living in the Algarve, whether in a mansion or in a country cottage, is blissful. Sunshine makes all the difference to everyone’s attitude to life, don’t you think? The variety of living styles is most apparent when you take a peek at the different properties for sale in the Algarve. Come and join us on a little tour… 
Did you know that most expatriates migrate to the Algarve for the lifestyle? Quite apart from loving the sun, sea and sand they want the lifestyle more than anything.  What lifestyle you may ask? Well here is where you can see why expats choose to live in the Algarve…
Our intrepid explorer braves the bathrooms of various establishments and comes to the conclusion that Portugal has the cleanest toilets in the world. While we question how many countries have been surveyed, the result is enjoyable… read on… 
It’s a well known fact that all conversations between the Brits start with a summary of the weather. We are famous for it, foreigners laugh about it and we can’t stop doing it. Wind, rain or shine we’ll discuss it, moan about it or welcome it but we will talk about it.
How are the G.O.D.S. (Gloria, Olive, Diane and Sheila), also known as the Golfing Girls, getting on with their first winter in the Algarve? Read all about their latest adventures and see what they’ve been up to. If you're thinking of moving to the Algarve, their experiences might provide some insight... 
When you’re planning to buy property in the Algarve, there are lots of things you need to know, from finding the perfect home for you, to how to complete a purchase. Meravista has plenty of information to get you started, and plenty of property for you to choose from… 
When you’re looking for a perfect spot to buy a naturist-friendly property, you’ll be hard pressed to find anywhere better than Portugal’s Algarve. Aside from the warm welcome it offers, there are so many opportunities to enjoy the freedom of a naturist lifestyle. 
Looking back on 2014, people living in Portugal should have a lot to feel positive about. For a small country with a relatively small population, Portugal, and the Algarve region in particular, knows how to get itself noticed.
17 days till Christmas! Time for shopping is running out! So you’ve been to most of the Christmas fairs and markets and found all sorts of lovely gifts, but you still have more shopping to do for Christmas. Here are some suggestions and Algarve shopping tips to help you on your way...
If you have €350k to spare to invest in property, would you spend it on a 17.5 sq m flat in London or would you go for a smart villa with swimming pool in the Algarve? Recently compared how much house you get for your money…