Meravista Map page Search Tips

Using the map

  • Scroll your mouse wheel forward to zoom in
  • Scroll your mouse wheel backward to zoom out
  • Click on the map and drag your mouse in any direction to move the map

With each movement the map will repopulate to show the properties available in the section visible on your screen.

The results list on the left side will show the same properties that can be seen on the map.

Refining your search

The map is already populated with every available property: when you select any option, this refines the results to show only those selected options.

For example:

If you are only interested in property for sale, click the ‘sale’ checkbox and the map will not display properties for rent.

If you are only interested in apartments, click the ‘apartment’ checkbox and the map will not display any other types of property.  (Note that in Portugal, smaller townhouses often are registered as apartments).

You can refine your search by:

  • Zooming in to a specific area on the map
  • Selecting area, property type and price range from the purple bar
  • Selecting additional options from the ‘ more options’ button on the purple bar

Each criteria in the ‘more options’ box shows how many listings feature the specific criteria.
If you have too many results, use more options to refine your search.
If you have too few results, use less options to increase the number of results.

Property pushpins

Hover your mouse over a pushpin to see mini details of the property.
Click on a pushpin to see a larger pop-up including scrollable photos. This will also highlight the property in the results list to the left of the map.
Click on the photo or on ‘view details’ to open a full property detail page.

Results List

The results to the left of the map list the same properties that are visible on the map.
Hover your mouse over a listing to see the mini details of the property on the map.
Click on a listing to see the larger pop-up on the map – including scrollable photos.
Click on the view details link to open a full property detail page.

You can also see the properties in a traditional list view – click on the list tab to the right of the map tab . Note that list view reflects the same properties as the map page. You can refine your results in List view by using the search options in the purple bar.

Compare Function

You can select up to five properties to compare side by side. Simply check the compare box in the results list on the left, or the compare box in the details pop-up on the map. Once you have selected the properties you wish to compare, click the compare button at the top left of the page.

Favourite Properties and Favourite Searches

You can click on the heart icon in the results list on the left, on the details pop-up on the map, or on the full property details page. In order to save your favourite properties you will need to create a simple user account by providing your name, location and email address, and choosing a password. Your contact details will not be shared with any third party as per the Meravista Privacy Policy.

By creating your My Meravista account you can also save your favourite search options. When you return to Meravista, you can log into your account and continue your search without having to re-select your preferred criteria. Please click here to create your My Meravista account now.

If you have any questions about how to use the Meravista map-search, you can contact us for more information.