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Advertise on Meravista and increase your market in the Algarve

Over 1.25 Million Page Views a Year with Over 250,000 Users


Why advertise on Meravista.com?

When you advertise on Meravista.com’s pages, you are reaching a wide audience of people: not only those seeking to buy or sell property in the Algarve, but also those already living in the area or planning to move here.

Meravista.com’s blogs and articles are reaching wider audiences every month. Not only do we engage people about the various types of property listed for sale on the site, but we keep people informed about living in the Algarve: events and activities, lifestyle, shopping, festivals and much more.

#1 in Google Search Results

We are first page, and often first result, for thousands of Algarve property search terms due in part to having dedicated pages to thousands of different towns and locations throughout the Algarve. With Meravista dominating the lion's share of global natural search for Algarve property, we provide the attention an advertiser needs


Advertise on Meravista and increase your market in the Algarve

By advertising on Meravista.com you can reach your target audience of home buyers, sellers, Algarve residents and visitors. From 2016-2017 Meravista had over 250,000 unique visitors, and we are seeing a steady increase on these numbers. 

Our website traffic statistics show that while 70% of our site users come from Portugal and the UK, our traffic from across Europe and even as far afield as the USA, Canada and United Arab Emirates is on the increase. We have recently launched our French language section and are seeing a steady increase in French visitors to Meravista.com.

As Portuguese incentives to non-EU nationalities continue to entice people from around the world to the region, more people are realising Meravista.com is their best option to search for property and information. Meravista.com is ranking higher on web searches for property by location than most other agencies and portals.

Our social media activity on Facebook and Twitter (amongst others) is also drawing in a regular and new audience with particular growth within Portugal, UK and Ireland.  

If someone is contemplating a move to the Algarve, or the option to invest in a second home – whether from a different part of Portugal or from a foreign country, there is no better place for them to search than Meravista. And this adds up to a perfect target audience for your advert.


Advertising Options

Private Sellers & Estate Agents

For private sellers or estate agents we offer placement of your property in our large home page image slider and static featured broperty block. There are only four positions, so reserve your slot for the next available opening. Included in this package is a free advertorial in or blog section that will remain live until your property sells. We will take your script and photos and optimize it for SEO for maximum search engine effect.

Private Seller Package


Frontpage Image Slider

Featured Property Block

Free Blog Advertorial






Business and Services Advertising


Meravista offers a range of advertising options to suit every budget. Choose from a standard-size scrolling ad, seen across the site (except the map page) to a complete package tailored to your needs to maximise your exposure. 

  • Scrolling adverts, and static adverts that appear both above and below the scrolling ad section display on all content pages, our blog pages and the home page.
  • Banner adverts: your banner ad appears across the top of all blog pages, all property index category pages, and at the bottom of the home page. An ideal mix of high traffic areas

We have a number of great deals on advertising for the year. Advert packages of multiple advert types are also available. 



Business & Services Advertising


Scrolling Advert



3 Months



Static Advert 199€


3 Months



Banner Advert 299€


3 Months


Contact us today to start your advertising! 


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Meravista is the world’s largest property portal devoted exclusively to the Algarve. It brings visitors the latest state-of-the art search technology, making it easy to find their perfect property in the Algarve.

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