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Find out all about the Algarve at a glance, including tips about shops, banks and baby products. There is even help with the climate and what to wear and when. We tell you about the local currency and the best way to exchange money. Meravista also provides you with all the Portuguese emergency numbers as well as a short video on learning the Portuguese language to get you started.

Fantasy beaches of the Algarve
A very fast look at loads of general information about the Algarve. From opening hours for shops and banks, information about restaurants and dining, to year round climate and clothing. Learn the local names for popular baby products, where to find places of worship and basic safety precautions. Discover the wealth of beaches, marinas and activities on offer.Histoire Complète
Banking in Portugal
If you are coming to Portugal from outside the EU, you will need to change your currency into Euros. We show you how to get the best deal, where to find money changers, where to get cash with your credit card, and how to cash your travellers cheques. Read these guidelines and and enjoy fun in the sun with the money you save.Histoire Complète
Portugal emergency numbers
We hope it never happens but if an emergency arises, you may need the police or an ambulance, a doctor or a hospital. Maybe you need the fire brigade. Don’t panic! All the information and vital numbers are here. Print this list of information and keep it handy. You know what they say: if you have it, you won’t need it.Histoire Complète
Learn Portuguese
It always helps to speak the language. Our article provides 15 minutes of video tutorials to get you started on basic Portuguese. With a few tips of our own, you will be ready to better interact with the warm people of PortugalHistoire Complète
In the current climate it is important to understand the best ways to save money on international currency transfers and avoid getting caught up in poor exchange rates and hidden charges.Histoire Complète