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Take the trauma out of moving house. Meravista explains how to prepare your healthcare, insurance and your children’s education in Portugal. Organise your mail, money and travel arrangements in advance. Read our advice and tips on how to pack for an international move, and take the stress out of moving to Portugal with your kids and pets.

Insurance for Pets and Vehicles Portugal
Take stock of your insurance policies and find out what you will need in Portugal to cover yourself and your family, as well as your vehicles, property and possessions. With useful information about all types of insurance, you can be sure nothing will be forgotten when you are getting settled in Portugal. Histoire Complète
Packing for your move abroad
Packing to move to another country can be a lot more complicated and stressful than just moving down the road. You can make it easier on yourself and your family by being well organised and knowing what to expect. Whether you’re packing yourself or using a removals company, save your sanity and find out more… Histoire Complète
Traveling with a pet to Portugal
Find out everything you need to know about organising your travel when moving abroad, from packing for the trip to the final checks before leaving. Cars, boats and planes, with kids or with pets, organising luggage: this useful guide is packed with information so that you can do away with stress and travel in style. Histoire Complète
Primary school in Portugal
If you’re moving to Portugal with kids, figuring out their education will be one of your highest priorities. The Algarve has much to offer children from kindergarten through to university. Choose between free education in the Portuguese system or private international schools. Find out about The Universidade do Algarve. Read more to help you make an informed decision… Histoire Complète
Planning your packing for Portugal
Moving can be stressful for everyone, including the family pet! But with some forward thinking and good planning it can be a smooth operation. Follow these guidelines and you will be halfway there before the packing even starts. These handy tips can help to take the stress out of moving for you and your family.Histoire Complète
Medical facilities in Portugal
One of the priorities when you move to a new country is to understand the healthcare and facilities available to you and your family. Find out about Portugal’s comprehensive network of hospitals and clinics, the Portuguese social security system and private healthcare options.Histoire Complète
Portugal currency
How will you access your money when you’re in a new country? What happens to the mail that is sent to your old address? Who might be trying to reach you? What’s the best way to transfer large amounts of money in another currency? Answers to all this and more to help you get ready for moving abroad.Histoire Complète
Kids can help with your Portugal move
Moving abroad with kids and pets can be done without stress, it really can. Here are some great tips to help you achieve the impossible. With great ideas for keeping the kids involved and entertained, as well as keeping the pets safe, find out the many ways to make the move enjoyable for the whole family… and how not to lose the cat! Histoire Complète
Packing for an International Move
Our expert expat mover can teach you many tricks of the trade when packing and moving abroad. From basic mistakes and how to avoid them, to tips designed to avoid problems in the first place. Histoire Complète