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Emergency numbers in the Algarve

You're new to living in the Algarve and an emergency arises – what to do?  Print this list of emergency numbers and information, and keep it handy for immediate help.

Note that if you call the emergency services it might be hard to explain where you live. Keep the geo-coordinates of your location handy or write it on your print-out of this list, so that you can give that to the emergency services and ensure that they can find you fast! Note that most of the responders on the emergency lines do not speak much English.

§  Police (polícia), Fire (bombeiros), Ambulance (ambulância): 112

§  Forest fire: 117

§  My geo-coordinates:                                                                                

Portugal Policia Bombeiros Portugal
Ambulancia Portugal

Algarve main hospital numbers:

§  Faro:  289 891 100

§  Lagos: 282 770 100

§  Portimao: 282 450 330

§  Red Cross in Faro: 289 899 900


Emergency pharmacies are listed in the local press, in both Portuguese and English publications.

For non-emergency health and medical situations:

§  Each city and town has a Health Centre (Centro de Saúde). It is important to find out exactly where your nearest clinic is based and add their phone number to your emergency list.

§  If you are located in a village, your local Parish council (Junta da Freguesia) provides a clinic with doctor and nurses. Again, it is important to know where they are and how to contact them. You will need to make an appointment for the Junta as the doctor is not always there every day.

Depending on whether or not you have private health insurance, there are a number of private clinics across the Algarve. Check with your insurance provider for details of approved doctors and clinics in your area.

Dentists are listed in the Yellow Pages or online under Clinicas Dentárias

Welcome to the Algarve! May you never need these numbers!

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