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Algarve Beaches and Natural Wonders

Pristine beaches, warm waters and golden sands are guaranteed in the glorious sunshine of the Algarve. And now with no less than 85 beaches and 4 marinas that fly the all-important Blue Flag, paradise is truly here. Find out more about the Blue Flag and what it means…
When you’re looking for a perfect spot to buy a naturist-friendly property, you’ll be hard pressed to find anywhere better than Portugal’s Algarve. Aside from the warm welcome it offers, there are so many opportunities to enjoy the freedom of a naturist lifestyle. 
Looking back on 2014, people living in Portugal should have a lot to feel positive about. For a small country with a relatively small population, Portugal, and the Algarve region in particular, knows how to get itself noticed.
There are more than 140 kinds of butterfly in the Algarve and it’s said that for every type of butterfly there are nine species of moth. Here we look at some of the more common varieties you’re likely to see in the region and one to beware of...
Olives are part of life in the Algarve. This wonderful fruit is full of goodness and every year in the Algarve, the farm workers labour tirelessly to harvest tons of olives to either preserve or turn into olive oil.
You don’t need stacks of cash to enjoy life in the Algarve. In fact, the richest person on the planet couldn’t buy the fantastic weather and the region’s natural beauty. So, leave your wallet behind and have a great time...
The Algarve is a year-round surfing destination, ideal for beginners and popular with surfers of all levels. There’s a great choice of surf spots along the coast, so put on your surf shorts and sun cream and come and catch some waves...
One of the Algarve’s main attractions is its stunning coastline and over 200 kilometres of beautiful golden beaches, many holding the Blue Flag Award for their cleanliness, water quality and accessibility. Here are some of the most popular place to lay your towel...
Algarve salt is the cream of the crop. Read our blog and you might see this condiment in a different light the next time you shake a little on your chips...
    If you’ve always dreamed of a room with a view, then your dream home could well be waiting for you here in the Algarve. Check out our pick of properties with the best views in the region...