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Pristine beaches, warm waters and golden sands are guaranteed in the glorious sunshine of the Algarve. And now with no less than 85 beaches and 4 marinas that fly the all-important Blue Flag, paradise is truly here. Find out more about the Blue Flag and what it means…
The merry month of May is upon us and the Algarve is geared up to keep us all busy as usual. It’s an eventful time of the year for everyone it seems, from sports fans to gardeners. The sun is out, the fields are green and coated in wild flowers and it’s a great time of the year to take a hike! Just look at some of the things going on around here…
Salir is a typical Algarvean village in the Serra do Caldeirão hills. But there is something very special about Salir; a beautiful site above the village has been chosen as a sacred place by the Buddhist faith. It’s here that a small Buddhist community lives and where Portugal’s first Stupa has been built and consecrated. Find out more about this special region...
Snails are a popular dish in the Algarve. During May and June each year, you can spot ‘snail hunters’ collecting this local delicacy by the bucketful. If you haven’t already sampled them, give them a try – if you dare…
The Algarve does it again!  April is packed once more with a huge variety of events and happenings. It doesn’t matter if you are young or not so young, sporty or sedentary, there’s always something to do, somewhere to go, and people to see… 
As the Algarve golf season is well underway, across the pond the golf pros are gearing up for the US Masters at Augusta. Traditionally played during the first week of April each year, we take a look at the history of the US Masters as well as some of its rather quirky traditions… 
Our intrepid explorer braves the bathrooms of various establishments and comes to the conclusion that Portugal has the cleanest toilets in the world. While we question how many countries have been surveyed, the result is enjoyable… read on… 
It’s tax filing season! Did you read the one about the taxmen and women taking martial arts lessons to protect themselves from irate citizens who have to pay their taxes at the offices of the Finance Ministry? Read our tongue in cheek overview of the proposed new Portuguese legislation.
March wind doth blow and we shall have snow…Oh wait, no we won’t, this is the Algarve. Let me see: Flowers and bees, leaves on the trees, fun in the sun and so much to be done.  Yes, that’s it – plenty of events in March in the Algarve!
It’s a well known fact that all conversations between the Brits start with a summary of the weather. We are famous for it, foreigners laugh about it and we can’t stop doing it. Wind, rain or shine we’ll discuss it, moan about it or welcome it but we will talk about it.