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Food and Drink in the Algarve

Snails are a popular dish in the Algarve. During May and June each year, you can spot ‘snail hunters’ collecting this local delicacy by the bucketful. If you haven’t already sampled them, give them a try – if you dare…
Looking back on 2014, people living in Portugal should have a lot to feel positive about. For a small country with a relatively small population, Portugal, and the Algarve region in particular, knows how to get itself noticed.
’Tis the season to be jolly... and there’s a jolly lot of goings on this month in the Algarve. Christmas fairs and markets are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Christmas: there’s more happening in the Algarve this month, a lot more - so take a peek and see what there is to do...
    As August draws to a close and September dawns, we take a look at two nutritious foods that grow in abundance in the Algarve; figs and almonds can been seen and tasted on most countryside walks.
 If you have ever walked through the Algarve countryside in August, chances are you’ve seen the fruit of the carob tree. But there’s more than a little magic inside those brown pods.
Phone your friends, choose your chouriço, select your sardines, get your coals glowing, uncork a bottle and get grilling - the perfect recipe for a fantastic evening in the Algarve.
Life is literally a bowl of cherries in the Algarve this year. It’s been a bumper harvest and there’s tons of fresh fruit across the region there for the picking, eating, preserving, conserving and, yes, even drinking...
Every year in the Algarve’s capital, the Festa da Ria Formosa is a big hit with locals and visitors. If you love anything and everything fishy, don’t miss it...
Olives are part of life in the Algarve. This wonderful fruit is full of goodness and every year in the Algarve, the farm workers labour tirelessly to harvest tons of olives to either preserve or turn into olive oil.
You don’t need stacks of cash to enjoy life in the Algarve. In fact, the richest person on the planet couldn’t buy the fantastic weather and the region’s natural beauty. So, leave your wallet behind and have a great time...