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Long Term Villa Rentals in the Algarve


It is not always easy to find a long term villa or house rental here in the Algarve. In the summer months, normal homeowners go crazy and rent out for holliday lettings at some fairly substantial weekly prices, making the availability of long term villa rental almost nonexistant until autumn.

Yet people still need to move to the Algarve in the summer and not just for reasons of fun and holidays. So what to do? Sometimes it takes a little effort. Or sometimes, like here, it takes a site administrator to tap the Meravista.com database and present a nice little table showing the 23 most recent houses or townhomes listed for long term rent in th Algarve. Meravista.com has verified with each of the agencies that the homes are available and at the given price.

There are some real bargains here. Most notably a modern townhome overlooking Alte (Alte! one of the jewels of the Algarve with its spring-fed pools) at only €300!

Several villas have pools which increases their cost. However the Algarve has over 200km of pristince coastline and every single one of these rentals is within 10-15 minutes of some beach, so you can rent your place in the sun at a more economical cost and still enjoy some 'amenities'.

With so many to choose from here you think you have time to weigh your options. In fact, you probably won't have much time. These long term rentals are the rarest of the rare and this list will probably be snatched up entirely within a couple of weeks. So make your inquiries now!

For those of you who arrived late. Do not give up hope. Simply go to our map page, select 'House', select 'Rent' and you will be on your way. Happy House Hunting!

(Click on the Image for full details)

 Rent Price  MV# Town County Bedrooms  
€ 900 71733 Castro Marim Castro Marim 4
€ 1,050 122195 Quatro Estradas Loulé 3
€ 1,500 122419 Vale do Garrão Loulé 5
€ 1,100 72797 Fonte de Boliqueime Loulé 3
€ 1,000 72202 Vale do Garrão Loulé 3
€ 10,000 71765 Corgos de Santa Luzia Loulé 4
€ 300 71793 Alte Loulé 1
€ 380 72909 Alfandanga Olhão 3
€ 1,500 72492 Quelfes Olhão 6
€ 1,000 119722 Quinta das Sesmarias Portimão 3
€ 1,200 71379 Chão das Donas Portimão 3
€ 1,500 81027 Monte Canelas Portimão 4
€ 750 81055 Aldeia das Sobreiras Portimão 3
€ 900 81096 Vale de Lagar Portimão 3
€ 1,000 71960 Mato Santo Espírito Tavira 4
€ 2,500 70799 Cacela Velha V.R. de Santo Antonio 5
€ 750 71942 Manta Rota V.R. de Santo Antonio 4
€ 350 72905 Centro - Conceição Faro 3
€ 250 72951 Bela Salema Faro 2
€ 280 82554 Estói Faro 2
€ 1,200 80837 Alto Rodes Faro 4
€ 2,200 72268 Quinta do Eucalipto Faro 5
€ 600 72289 Valados Faro 2


*The properties featured in this article were listed for sale on Meravista.com at the time of publication, but may have since been sold or removed from the website

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