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Information about people, places, and events in Portugal and the Algarve

Recent articles:

Vila Real de Santo António is a small town in the east of the Algarve, right on the border with Spain with the Atlantic coast to the south and the Rio Guadiana to the east. With a bustling town centre and lovely suburbs, this area is still lower-priced than other coastal towns in the Algarve. Come on in and find out more about apartments available in this area. 
Christmas is just around the corner and here’s your chance to make sure you’ve got a good selection of Christmas music to play over the festive season and help two Algarve charities at the same time. 
Who said there was a shortage of high end properties in the Algarve? Non-European residents seeking to invest in Algarve property as part of the Golden Visa scheme won’t be disappointed with the choice of homes for sale across the region.
Affordable property in amazing surroundings: where life is peaceful, calm and at one with nature. What more could you ask for than to live in a typical Algarvean, inland town with a dreamy, wonderfully slow pace of life. Take this opportunity to have a glimpse of such a scenario with properties in São Bartolomeu de Messines.
The clocks have gone back and we got an extra hour in bed, this is the time we start lighting our cosy log fires and snuggle down for winter. But hang on a minute! The sun is still shining, the temperatures are still in the high 20’s and the Algarve is booming with activities and entertainment!
Mediterranean gardens are the low maintenance and low cost way to enjoy gardening and outdoor living in the Algarve. The Mediterranean Garden Association provides information and guidance on how to create and keep your perfect indigenous garden.
No matter what your age, living in a city gets the juices flowing and living in Faro suits all ages for sure. There are schools, parks and playgrounds for kids. There are bars, nightclubs and the mall for the young set. The older crowd have the theatres, restaurants and marina, whilst the golden oldies have the shopping, museums and the hospitals to hand!
Storks are the bringers of babies and good luck and with a wingspan of over 3m, they are easily capable of bringing both!  A good friend to farmers, loyal to each other and noisy as can be with their clacking; these beauties are revered in the Algarve.
Damage to the shoulder muscles is one of the most painful and the most common golfing injuries. Learn more about how and why the injury occurs and get some expert advice on treatment options.
Many people would like to live in the Algarve all year round, while some would prefer to enjoy golf in the winter sun. Yet others would like a nice, regular golfing get-away at various times. With our selection of Algarve property for sale, you’re sure to find something to suit your preference, taste, and budget.