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Information about people, places, and events in Portugal and the Algarve

Recent articles:

Spend a week in the Algarve for the most exciting golf holiday ever! As the world’s top professional golfers arrive for the Portugal Masters, you can join the Pro-Am tournament. Check out this fabulous package, including entry to the Portugal Masters Final.
There’s a wide variety of townhouses and townhouse-style properties for sale on the Algarve’s golf courses. With easy upkeep and the beautiful grounds maintained for you, there’s more time to spend enjoying your favourite sport and all the other indulgences the Algarve has to offer.
In the lead up to the biggest golfing event of the year for the Algarve, Meravista takes a look at where golf started and how did the Algarve come to host the Portugal Masters?
With property prices lower than average in Tavira than in other parts of the Algarve, it’s not surprising that this attractive city and the surrounding area becoming increasingly popular with property hunters. 
    Your donation of €5 in cash or a backpack, can make a big difference to underprivileged kids in the Algarve.  
Tuna is one of the most popular catches along the Algarve coast. Here we look at the history of tuna fishing in the Algarve and why, sadly, the illegal fishing of Bluefin Tuna by many countries, is putting this aquatic breed in danger of extinction.
    As August draws to a close and September dawns, we take a look at two nutritious foods that grow in abundance in the Algarve; figs and almonds can been seen and tasted on most countryside walks.
Just because the summer season is over, don’t think that things will quieten down in the Algarve. September promises a month packed with bags of things to do and plenty of great weather to help you to enjoy the events and festivities.
Read about some of the more interesting and potentially profitable hospitality properties available on Meravista. Places where you can not only live but run your own business as well.
 If you have ever walked through the Algarve countryside in August, chances are you’ve seen the fruit of the carob tree. But there’s more than a little magic inside those brown pods.