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Information about people, places, and events in Portugal and the Algarve

Recent articles:

Almost everywhere you go in the sunshine of the Algarve you’ll find a stunning view. From hill tops to sea-sides, from east to west and everywhere in between, there are always plenty of properties for sale with a spectacular view. Read about a few of them here...
17 days till Christmas! Time for shopping is running out! So you’ve been to most of the Christmas fairs and markets and found all sorts of lovely gifts, but you still have more shopping to do for Christmas. Here are some suggestions and Algarve shopping tips to help you on your way...
If you have €350k to spare to invest in property, would you spend it on a 17.5 sq m flat in London or would you go for a smart villa with swimming pool in the Algarve? Recently Meravista.com compared how much house you get for your money…
’Tis the season to be jolly... and there’s a jolly lot of goings on this month in the Algarve. Christmas fairs and markets are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Christmas: there’s more happening in the Algarve this month, a lot more - so take a peek and see what there is to do...
Christmas markets are popular for Christmas shoppers searching for unusual and unique Christmas gifts and decorations, and the Algarve is no different.  Meet some of the people behind the creative crafts available at some of this year’s Christmas fairs, bazaars and markets.
In the Algarve’s Monchique hills the local authorities are allowing a disused 17th century convent to fall into ruins, whilst 120kms east in Tavira, a similar building has been preserved over the years by a succession of owners and it’s currently up for sale at €2.25m. What’s the deal?
Christmas shopping is a unique and festive experience at Algarve Christmas fairs and markets. Spare a thought for the ladies (and a few gents) who work their socks off for months, creating unusual gifts and tasty wares to sell at a Christmas fair, market or bazaar. Think of the effort, investment and talent needed to make some of the excellent crafts that they display. 
Guia is the home of the world famous chicken “piri piri” and our blog tells you about some of the wonderful property for sale in Guia and have this fabulous local speciality on your doorstep…
Get a head start on your Christmas shopping! During the coming weeks there are Christmas fairs and markets across the Algarve, featuring the interesting, the unusual, the unique and of course the edible! Find out about the Algarve’s Christmas fairs…
Throughout history, the Portuguese have affected the advancement of education and educational facilities, both nationally and outside of Portugal. Learn more about Portugal’s history and education today in the Algarve.