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Information about people, places, and events in Portugal and the Algarve

Recent articles:

While ‘thundersnow’ storms bring the UK to a standstill, The Netherlands is a little more than chilly, Germany freezes and Paris shivers. But here in the Algarve we’ve almost forgotten that it’s winter. The sun is shining down on all of us expats who’ve escaped to this beautiful paradise in Portugal. Why not join us?
Almond blossoms in full bloom; Carnaval in Loulé and across the Algarve; theatrical shows, charity dinners; fresh sweet oranges along every road side, Valentine’s celebrations, wild flowers on every hill and roadside and non-stop events and activities. this is February in the Algarve …
When you’re planning to buy property in the Algarve, there are lots of things you need to know, from finding the perfect home for you, to how to complete a purchase. Meravista has plenty of information to get you started, and plenty of property for you to choose from… 
When you’re looking for a perfect spot to buy a naturist-friendly property, you’ll be hard pressed to find anywhere better than Portugal’s Algarve. Aside from the warm welcome it offers, there are so many opportunities to enjoy the freedom of a naturist lifestyle. 
When you dream of swapping grey clouds, incessant rain, snow, ice and below zero temperatures, for blue skies, sunshine and an average of 15°c, then you’re dreaming of spending your winters in the Algarve. It’s not an impossible dream….
Many villages schoolhouses built in the Algarve around the 1940s have been decommissioned. But with a little imagination a number have the potential to be converted into charming homes – that’s if you can find one for sale...
Whoops!  There went another year - like a flash it was gone. Now we have a New Year and the good resolutions start, new hopes and dreams begin and the Algarve continues to entertain us and keep us busy with a whole new lot of events and activities. Just look and see what January will bring us this year!
Looking back on 2014, people living in Portugal should have a lot to feel positive about. For a small country with a relatively small population, Portugal, and the Algarve region in particular, knows how to get itself noticed.
With over 15,000 properties listed, you would be right in thinking that Meravista.com is the biggest portal in the world dedicated to Algarve property for sale . Here we take a look at a few of the newest additions… 
What’s your favourite Christmas song? There are so many great tracks to choose from, but we’ve narrowed down our list of much-loved melodies to a Top 10. See if one of your cherished tunes is in our Christmas hit parade…