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Information about people, places, and events in Portugal and the Algarve

Recent articles:

Reach a wide and international audience with an interest in the Algarve. From property hunters, homeowners, visitors and those who just love the region, Meravista.com can help you to promote your business or services to more people for less money, with our summer special advertising deals.
£1m for an ex-council flat and over a quarter of a million for a former storage shed - has the London property market gone completely mad? As the cost of buying in Europe’s capital cities escalates, we take a look at what your money can buy in the sunny Algarve.
Finding a long term rental house or villa in the Algarve is always difficult. Finding one during the summer months is sometimes next to impossible. Thanks to a little homework from Mervaista.com we present to you 23 recent houses or townhomes advertised for rent. Check it out... 
Summer is here and the Algarve is hotting up for the season. From the International Algarve Fair in Lagoa to the Algarve’s version of Royal Ascot’s Ladies’ day, there are a lot of options. Hold on to your hats folks, June is busting out all over and this month is certainly going to keep you busy. Just take a peek at what’s on offer!
The merry month of May is upon us and the Algarve is geared up to keep us all busy as usual. It’s an eventful time of the year for everyone it seems, from sports fans to gardeners. The sun is out, the fields are green and coated in wild flowers and it’s a great time of the year to take a hike! Just look at some of the things going on around here…
Salir is a typical Algarvean village in the Serra do Caldeirão hills. But there is something very special about Salir; a beautiful site above the village has been chosen as a sacred place by the Buddhist faith. It’s here that a small Buddhist community lives and where Portugal’s first Stupa has been built and consecrated. Find out more about this special region...
A rural retreat; living in the sticks; country living: whatever you like to call it, it’s certainly different to any other lifestyle. Living in the hills of the Algarve can be as varied as living in a town or by the beach. So what are the choices for those who decide to live in the countryside? You might be surprised... 
This week we focus on this fantastically located property in Vale do Milho, a suburb of Carvoeiro. Reduced by €225,000 to just €625,000 for a quick sale, this luxury villa features a swimming pool and a tennis court in lovely landscaped gardens. ... It’s a bargain price and likely to sell fast… UPDATE: it did sell fast! Within two weeks of being featured as Meravista's...
Snails are a popular dish in the Algarve. During May and June each year, you can spot ‘snail hunters’ collecting this local delicacy by the bucketful. If you haven’t already sampled them, give them a try – if you dare…
The clocks have sprung forward and spring is most definitely here in the Algarve. As far as nature is concerned, it’s possibly the prettiest and most eventful season of the year in this warm and sunny region. Ready on to find out why spring in the Algarve is so great…