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The Algarveans love food, from their traditional dishes to haute cuisine. There are food festivals held throughout the year, from shellfish and sardines to choriça and partridge. Here is where you can learn about the local dishes and where to find International food. Read about the wine producing regions, the different fish dishes, the wild boar and game that are all part of the Algarve.

Dining Out on the Beach Algarve
There are literally thousands of places to eat in the Algarve from beach shacks specialising in local freshly caught seafood to Michelin starred restaurants. Prices range from 7 Euros for the dish of the day at a local cafe to 80 Euros for a main course at one of the Michelin starred venues. Learn more about Dining Out here.Full Story
Ocean Algarve Chef Hans Neuner Ing
Dining out means different things for different people: many enjoy simple, plain or inexpensive food, whilst others want the more exotic, flamboyant alternative and are prepared to pay for the experience. For the latter, Michelin, the bible of gourmet diners has 5 restaurants listed for the Algarve. Learn more about Top 6 Algarve Restaurants here.Full Story
Traditional Algarve Cuisine Cataplana Portugal
Amazingly untouched by foreign influence, traditional Portuguese cuisine is a constant of recipes passed down from generation to generation. Featuring locally caught fish and shellfish, there are also specialties incorporating pork, chicken and game. Learn more about Traditional Algarve Cuisine here.Full Story
Algarve grapes and vines
The Algarve is home to many heritage wineries. From the area's rich red soils grow grapes from which local craftsmen have been making world class wines for centuries. Enjoy Meravista's suggestions for both wines and the opportunities to visit the vineyards themselves. Full Story