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Everything to help you with your day to day life is to be found in this section. The different shopping opportunities from markets to malls are all here. There is a DIY article to help you in your new home and we show you where the different places of worship can be found. A guide is provided for getting your pets into Portugal and where to find a new pet if that is what you need.

Algarve Markets Meat Display Portugal
Gypsy markets, flea markets and farmers markets abound in the Algarve and depending on which one you go to, you can buy anything from a horse to a pair of shoes, from fresh fish to jewelry. Begin your search for bargains here. Learn more about Algarve Markets here.Full Story
DIY in the Algarve Portugal
Whether you are moving to the Algarve, live in the Algarve or have a second property in the Algarve, at one time or another you are going to need a DIY shop. Fortunately, there’s a large range of such shops in the Algarve and they stock a huge range for the DIY enthusiast. Learn more about DIY in the Algarve here.Full Story
HM Store Shopping Mall Algarve
Modern malls dot the lanscape here in select urban areas. When you absolutely have to revert to contemporary shopping venues or get junk food at a food court, you will have options. Discover your Algarve shopping center choices here. Learn more about Algarve Shopping Malls here.Full Story
Algarve Supermarkets Lidl
The Algarve has a wide range of supermarket chains, most of which cater to the expatriate as well as stocking local produce. Every village has its mini market for essentials and each town has at least one large supermarket. Many of the larger supermarkets have fresh fish, fresh meat and fresh bread counters. Learn more about 7 Most Popular Supermarkets here.Full Story
Places of Worship Lagos Algarve Portugal
Portugal is predominantly a Catholic country and there are many Catholic churches throughout the Algarve. Many of the churches are stunningly beautiful. Learn more about Places of Worship here.Full Story
Algarve Animal Sanctuaries Donkey
Unfortunately it is necessary to have refuges because, like everywhere in the world, there are unwanted, abandoned and ill treated animals in the Algarve. The government does very little to help alleviate this situation and most of the aid comes from charities and local individuals. Learn how you can make a difference here Learn more about Algarve Animal Sanctuaries here.Full Story
Lazy Cats in the Algarve
Portugal is a very pet friendly nation. Whether you are bringing your family friend with you, or if you wish to adopt one of the many loving animals already here, companionship is an easy condition to achieve. Learn what ou need to know about achieving pet bliss here in the Algarve. Learn more about Dogs, Cats & More here. Full Story
Couple sitting on the beach
Where to retire is a very important life decision. The Algarve offers many attractive reasons to retire here. But is it the right place for you? This article discusses the pros and cons of retiring abroad. Learn about the many amenities and social rewards that may make your decison in favor of the Algarve much easier than you thought.Full Story
Algarve Garden
Gardening in the Algarve can be very rewarding once you come to grips with the warm climate. Rockeries and orchards take on a new meaning, Mediterranean gardens are low maintenance, and here is where you find out the right way to go about creating your mini paradise.Full Story