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Top 4 Algarve Marinas

by Sun’s Dragon    

Algarve Yacht on the Ocean portugalDid you know?

Although Prince Henry of Portugal was known as ‘The Navigator’, he never actually explored the oceans himself? Instead, he provided his captains with all the latest technology of the time to make exciting discoveries.

Portugal is historically a seafaring nation and today the Algarve’s marinas and ports provide safe harbour and excellent facilities for all types of seafaring boats. The Algarve has marinas with a large range of marine facilities, shops, bars and restaurants catering to them. Most have apartments with fabulous views overlooking the marina and the ocean.

The four largest Marinas have also achieved the coveted Blue Flag award. You can learn all about the prestigious Blue Flag and the Algarvean beaches and Marinas which have earned it on our Blue Flag page.


Located on the Bay of Lagos, among the best beaches in the Algarve, the Marina de Lagos has the privilege of being right in the heart of the town. It has 462 berths and a well-protected harbour entrance thanks to being built slightly upriver from the coast. Events are organised throughout the year including the Marina BBQ in May and both adults and Children’s Day Regattas in June.Marina de Lagos Algarve Portugal

Opened in 1994, Lagos Marina covets its various awards, including the Euromarina Anchor, the Blue Flag, the Yacht Harbour Association's 5 Gold Anchors and IMCI's 5 Blue Star Marina status. They are rightfully proud of the comfort and safety of the facilities.

Whilst there, take the opportunity to explore Lagos, a city critical to the Portuguese voyages of discovery and the country’s nautical history.



Marina de Portimao Algarve Portugal

Just inside the mouth of the Arade River, the 620 capacity Portimão Marina with a water depth of 5m can cater for larger craft. In an exclusive location, this marina provides its own restaurants, shops, bars and swimming pool. The marina is situated next to the historical forts of Santa Caterina and Sao Joao, and flanked by stunning beaches.

Whilst there, you may want to take the opportunity to play a round of golf on one of the nearby courses with their sweeping ocean views, or enjoy an after-dinner walk along the picturesque riverbank of Portimão.


Albufeira Marina is fairly new and is part of a large tourist complex including hotels, villas and apartments as well as shops, restaurants, bars and a Nautical Club. It is a safe and sheltered Marina with 475 moorings for all types of vessels. It too has earned the Blue Flag and the 5 gold anchors from The Yacht Harbour Association.Albufeira Marina Apartments

Along the hills overlooking the marina is a rather large complex of apartments that are painted in vibrant oranges, pinks, blues, greens and yellows. Opinions differ as to whether they are beautiful or an eyesore. Take a meander along the coastal walk from the Albufeira old town to the Marina and judge for yourself.


With 953 berths, the Vilamoura Marina is the largest marina in the Algarve, and has two separate zones for differing types and sizes of vessels. Boasting its own yacht club as well as the coveted Blue Flag and the Yacht Harbour Association's 5 Gold Anchor rating, it has come a long way since its inauguration as a custom-built resort in 1974.

Marina de Vilamoura Algarve Portugal

The Vilamoura Marina provides a vast range of recreational boating support services, and has an abundance of shops, restaurants and clubs as well as offering fishing charters. Whilst there, you may be inclined to take a stroll to the fashionable casino just down the road.

Smaller marinas can also be found further east in Tavira, Olhão and Faro. Each and every one of these marinas is interesting to visit, to tour or to live, each with their own special ambience.

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