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  • Algarve Black Mussels Plate
    Discover the flavors of seafood at one of the famous Shellfish Festivals of Algarve, Portugal. Learn about festivals in Faro, Olhão, and many other cities


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  • Typical Algarve Chimneys
    Discover the origins of the Algarve’s unusual and traditional chimneys. See how the hand-crafted chimneys make each property in the Algarve unique.


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  • Loule Carnival Parade
    Browse through our selection of festivals in Algarve, Portugal. Colourful festivals bursting with energy held throughout the year in many towns and villages


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  • Corks
    Learn about the history of cork in the Algarve. From its ancient roots to its modern applications. Discover the special place this material has.


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  • Algarve storks
    Learn about the charming stork population of the Algarve. Their quirky nests and habits will draw you into the Algarvean culture.


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Carnivals and festivals are always fun and the Portuguese know how to play and how to make you welcome. There is always music and dancing, eating and drinking at their traditional fairs. Find out about their famous chimney pots, their extraordinary storks, the fantastic pottery made in the Algarve and what fabulous items they produce with the best cork in the world. Having fun in the Algarve is so easy.

Traditional Algarve Pottery
Traditional Portuguese pottery dates back to the middle ages and beyond, and until recently, this art form was almost extinct. Today, the Algarve is again famous for its many Artesenato shops featuring all types of traditional pottery. Learn more about Algarvean Pottery - an age old tradition here. Full Story
Algarve Carnivals Cat People
While Loulé hosts the biggest and most spectacular Algarve carnival, every town and village throughout of the Algarve puts on a celebration of its own thoughout the year. Learn more about Algarve Carnivals here.Full Story
Old Algarve Chimney
Chimneys were a statement of wealth and standing in the Algarve community. Quirky, eccentric and bizarre are just some of the descriptions given to the Algarve’s beautiful and ornate chimneys. Learn more about Algarve Chimneys here. Full Story
Digging for Cockles in the Algarve
The biggest cockle festival in the Algarve is held each year in the village of Figueira at the beginning of September. Figueira is situated between Lagos and Sagres on the west coast, boasting a delightful beach. It’s the place to go if you are a lover of this delicious shellfish. Learn more about Cockle Festivals here.Full Story
Loule Carnival Participant
Countries all over the world celebrate carnival and Portugal is no exception. Loulé, a bustling market town in the heart of the Algarve, holds the grandest spectacle by far in the region, and is famous for its fantastic parade. Learn more about Loule Carnival here.Full Story
Algarve Festivals
Whether you live in the Algarve, or just come to visit, this southern region of Portugal bursts with colourful local festivals, often featuring traditional dance and music, throughout the year. Learn more about Algarve Festivals here.Full Story
Fresh Algarve Sardines
Grilled sardines are an institution in the Algarve and are traditionally served with the rough farmhouse bread that is unique to the region. Most villages along the length and breadth of the Algarve will have their own sardine festival during July or August with the villagers enjoying themselves enormously. Learn more about Sardine Festivals here.Full Story
Algave Clams
The biggest and most popular shellfish festival is held each August in Olhão, just east of Faro. Although this is predominantly a shellfish festival, it doesn’t prevent many other types of fish being cooked and sold too. Learn more about Shellfish Festivals here. Full Story
Harvested cork bark in the Algarve
Cork has been used by man for millenia, and the Algarve has been central to its long history. Its ancient roots and uses are an intriguing part of the Portuguese culture. Discover the origins and status of the cork in the Algarve today. Full Story
Algarve stork on a chimney
Storks have been a cherished part of the Algarve for a very long time. Nesting high above fields and towns on everything from power lines to cathedral spires, theses birds have been delighting visitors and locals alike. Learn things about our storks that you may not have known before.Full Story