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See the amazing variety of sports on offer in the Algarve; you cannot fail to find your own special activity. Children are spoilt for choice with such a wide range of things to do. Water sports feature heavily of course but there are many more fun opportunities to stay active all through the winter too. From wildly energetic to a more sedate pace, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Algarve Fishing Portugal
The Algarve is the Mecca for enthusiastic fishermen. Here you can find deep sea fishing, reef fishing, rock and dock fishing, lake fishing and river angling. If you buy a property in the Algarve, you can happily fish all year round. Learn more about Algarve Fishing here.Full Story
Activities For Kids Dolphins Algarve
A good day out for the family is often the highlight of a holiday and here are some of the fun places to visit. Of course all these activities are not just for holiday makers but also for those who made the Algarve their home. Learn more about Activities for Kids here.Full Story
Horse Riding Algarve Portugal
There is nothing to compare to the sheer joy of sitting astride a fine horse and feeling at one with the world. Horse riding, pony trekking, dressage or hacking are all available in the Algarve and whichever method of riding you prefer, it should be glorious. Learn more about Horse Riding here.Full Story
Cycling in the Algarve
It has now been officially recognised that cycling is becoming ever more popular in Portugal, by the Portuguese as well as expatriates and tourists. More and more cycling clubs are springing up throughout the Algarve for both casual and serious cyclists. Learn more about Cycling in the Algarve here.Full Story
Walking and Hiking in the Algarve
Discover the hundreds of marked walking and biking thoughout the Algarve. No ecosystem, spring, natural wonder or cultural artifact is left uncovered. Learn more about Walking & Hiking here. Full Story
Motor Racing Algarve Portugal
Racing cars and go-karts are exciting pastimes and, for those who love the speed and exhilaration of a fast spin around the track, there are two major outlets in the Algarve. Learn more about Motor Racing & Go-Karting here.Full Story
Algarve Watersports Kayaking
Discover the diverse world of sporting opportunities the waters Algarve offers. Including surfing, skiiing, kayaking, boating paragliding and much more. Learn more about the opportunities that await you. Learn more about Algarve Watersports here.Full Story
Algarve Bird Watching Greater Flamingo
The Algarve is a wonderful place to live and watch the bird life that abounds there. It’s the Southern-most tip of Europe and is an ideal stopping off place for migrating birds in the spring and autumn. Learn more about Algarve Bird Watching here. Full Story
Marina Portimao Algarve Portugal
Portugal is historically a seafaring nation and today the Algarve’s marinas and ports provide safe harbour and excellent facilities for all types of seafaring boats. The Algarve has marinas with a large range of marine facilities, shops, bars and restaurants catering to them. Learn more about Top 4 Algarve Marinas here.Full Story
Couple Golfing in the Algarve
Discover why the Algarve is Europe's premier golfing destination. With a beautiful climate and 39 golf course and communities, it is no wonder why enthusiasts stream into the Algarve all year long to play the links. Read about the golfing possibilities here and reserve your tee time today. Full Story
Algarve photography
The hobby or the profession of photography is greatly satisfied by the scenic beauty of the Algarve. From unique seaside cliffs and rock formations to the vast mountainous inland full of greenery and traditional houses. Practice your art here or avail yourself of local experts who can capture your home or village for that special project. Full Story
Aerial view of Pine Cliffs Golf Algarve
If you have ever wanted to fly over every Algarve golf course and inspect its holes and fairways from above, then this is your chance! Our Google Earth interface allows you to travel through space and explore the Algarve's golf courses like never before. Included are detailed facts and specs of each course.Full Story